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Wishing you a great Monday. Not a nice day. I think I’ve outgrown nice days, as George Carlin said.

In personal news, I vomited last night for unexplained reasons and I wrote a how-to article for PR Daily last week, a publication for PR practitioners.

The piece is an extended version of a previous PR Now edition, so that’s a first for me—transforming a newsletter based on a blog post into a guest post for a trade publication.

If a human you know is about to announce a funding round, ship this ish over to ‘em.

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🗞️ 2 Media Tips


Stop using the word 'leading'. We all see B2B companies put 'leading' ahead of platform/company/provider/ANYTHING.

Truth is:
Reporters laugh
Prospects don't believe it

If everyone says their X is 'leading', the word is empty.


Never do this:

Reporters shouldn’t be sent NDAs. The comments are worth a scan, BTW.


What’s playing on my office wireless speaker while Abby looks at me like:

Nas - “Moments” (play on YouTube)

So yeah. A GIF of Abby followed by Nas in a newsletter about PR. This is freedom.

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