The Take: Pandemic-Proof Media Pitch Template

Use this Google Doc template — Newsletter #001

Welcome to No. 001 of PR Now, the public relations newsletter for non-PR pros
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As a thank you for signing up for my newsletter, I’d like to gift you something. I wish I had it many years ago when I was pitching media.

Here’s an up-to-date media pitch template* built for B2B businesses that will help secure coverage, even during a pandemic.

In it, you’ll get a modern structure, plus insights and strategies to guide you.

This is a sampling of the modern PR advice I’ll be publishing in this newsletter. Share it if you like. It should be obvious now that I’m not keeping secrets.

P.S. This media pitch template has been used to secure stories in mainstream and trade publications around the world since COVID-19 came along.

*Why a Google Doc? Just click File, Make a copy, and the media pitch template is yours to fine-tune.

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