Do you still want the PR Now newsletter?

Only a chicken farmer has ever emailed me

Ringo and I say hello! Hello! Hell-O!

Should PR Now should live on as a newsletter?

I’ve only ever heard from one subscriber and the guy is a chicken farmer. I’m not yolking. This particular subscriber was in ecommerce but now he’s farming chickens in the U.S.

So, let’s make a deal. If I don’t hear from anyone by Monday, the newsletter will not have another edition.

I’m curious if my thinking has helped to remove the shroud of mystery around PR or helped you in some way at work. Or if you laughed once at a GIF.

Any and all feedback would be very much appreciated.

In the chance I hear from no one, PR Now the newsletter will end. Either way, it was really helpful for my creative growth to deliver my thoughts in this lively, lighthearted way. I urge you to try something that is only built for you to help others as I have.

Stay safe out there,